About us...

Hanne Deneire has build this platform with House of Music and constructive collaborations over the borders. We collaborated with expertise centre of dementia from Belgium to the US and Canada
We were guest speakers on international conferences and developed projects with renowned universities and professors from all over Europe.

We gave more than 500 trainings for caregivers and volunteers. 
Our impact evolved in national success as Music for Life 2011 sensitized whole of Flanders to be able to talk about "dementia".Our book "Remembering through Music" has become a standard work in health institutions as in education.

We would like to keep inspiring and supporting FAMILY, VOLUNTEERS, CAREGIVERS and MUSICIANS.
The material on this platform is immediately available to use 
and this way you improve your contact and life quality.

We aim to continuously MOTIVATE you, therefore we add regularly something new on our platform.

This membership platform is a SOURCE of INSPIRATION with songs, scores, reports, books, training and concerts developed out of more than 10 years of expertise in the field.


Our Team

Hanne Deneire
Founder, Bass Clarinet

Selena Trifunovic,

Juan Carlos Bonifaz,

Ricardo Lievano,

Lisianne Madou,

Lenneke Nijst,

Our Projects

CONCERTS for people with (severe) dementia & family.

Music in daily care. 

THE VOICE OF OUR MEMORY Singing in a contact Choir.

Our Book

You get a FREE DOWNLOAD of our book when you become a member!

Remembering Through Music
How can you improve the care for people with dementia through music? 
Author Hanne Deneire. 

A life-changing bestseller for a better relationship with someone with dementia, as well for caregivers as for family members or musicians!
Great book and work! Thanks so much for it! 
I am happy to learn more and I’m sure we’ll meet again! All the best, 
Jenny Spielmann - Music Therapist, Luxembourg
Who wants to be inspired?
Music connects people!

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