Frequently asked Questions
How do I create an account?

1. Choose your profile on the homepage : Family – Musician - Caregiver
2. Indicate that you want access to the platform
3. Fill out the form and hit ‘Complete order’
Or click HERE

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can send us an email on the following address and we will cancel your subscription immediately.

I forgot my password, what happens next?

Click HERE and then through to ‘Forgot password’. 

How soon can I access my account after registration?

As soon as the payment is done, your personal account will be activated. Plus, you will immediately be able to log on to our platform.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want or is there an engagement of multiple months?

There is no engagement or obligation linked to your subscription. When you want to cancel your subscription, just send us an e-mail on the following address and we will cancel it.
Can I use this information/ these materials non- bindingly or do I need your explicit permission?

You are all allowed to use this material for your presentations, further training and as inspiration, providing that the source is indicated and that there is a referral to our platform

Is the book ‘Remembering through Music’ included in the subscription or do I have to order it separately?

The e-book is included. After your registration, you will find the link to ‘Remembering through Music’ as an ebook. The paper version is still available as well. You can order it on our platform.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook-page. There will regularly be giveaways where you can, amongst others, win ‘Remembering through Music’.

What can I find on the platform?

A wealth of information: videos (including footage of masterclasses), webinars, testimonials,… this platform with all its information is designed to help you, to inspire you.

If there happens to be something that you cannot seem to find on this website, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US (click the button below) about it and we will be happy to add it!

Can I still take a Masterclass ‘Communicating with Flair’?

Yes you can! All the information that was given during these masterclasses is available for you here, on our platform. It is perfectly possible to do these trainings online. It is also possible to download the essay ‘Communicating with Flair’ and the book ‘Remembering through Music’ is available in ebook as well.

How can I share my experiences with you? (testimonials/ videos/…)

There are several ways to do so! We will be happy to receive your experiences/ remarks and/ or questions through CONTACT US. We would also love to post your experiences on our website and social media. In this manner, we can inspire even more people with this project. Can you let us know how we can mention you? (first name + last name + function)

We are looking forward to receiving your experiences!
 Is it necessary to pay the enrolment fee at registration?

As soon as this fee is paid, your personal account will be activated. When your registration and payment have been done, you will immediately gain access to our platform.
 Has your question not been answered yet? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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