Remembering through Music
for people with DEMENTIA, caregivers, volunteers & Family Members
It's time to musicalize the elderly institutions!
Music Empowers People!
Projects & good practices developed in the last 10 years that made a big change 
in the health care sector of Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands & Germany. 
How to develop a 
Contact Choir?
Contact Choirs create a momentum of pure connection through singing together. This activity gives positive experience for the elderly and their family. Also the caregivers see the resident in a new and positive context.
How to communicate musically in daily care?
"Communicating with Flair" is an innovative project on how the CONNECTION with a person with dementia and with your TEAM can grow through musical communication. Practical tips you can implement immediately.
How to set up & lead your musical project?
There are some things you better know before starting up a project. We will share all our know-how with you so your project will be realized to its full potential.
We want to INSPIRE you to experience more HAPPINESS 
in your WORK & RELATION to people with dementia.
We will HELP you on your journey as a family member, 
musician, caregiver or as a volunteer.
We would like to SHARE our EXPERTISE, RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE of the last 10 YEARS of pioneers work in this field.
This COMMUNITY gives you the support and necessary sources to continuously find the strength and empowerment to improve the health care sector as ONE TEAM.
We would like to give you an ABUNDANCE of inspiration & daily motivation to ENJOY your contact with people with dementia.

"Remembering through Music"
How to improve the care of people with dementia through music by the composer Hanne Deneire.

This best-seller book changed already 
thousands of lives!

We look forward to welcome you.
This project aims to improve the care for people with dementia WORLDWIDE!
This platform is in collaboration with House of Music Belgium & composer Hanne Deneire
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For people who would like to share more happiness with people with dementia
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